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Programs and Enrollment Standards

We are excited to offer several educational programs, or tracks, for families to select from. Please see the requirements for enrolling at Southwest Adventist Junior Academy (SWAJA). In order to offer the best educational experience and serve each student’s needs, we prioritize student-to-school compatibility. Our desire is to see each family thrive and benefit from our private Christian environment.

Children at this age exhibit a great amount of curiosity and have a tremendous capacity for learning. They are in constant motion, and it is through this movement that they learn. This program is designed to encourage students ages 3-6 to explore their environment with their senses: touching, seeing, hearing, etc. They will absorb the facts presented to them about the world. As an observer of our class space, one will find students choosing their own activities and working at their own pace towards identified goals. Students learn within a mixed-aged class which meets five days a week, in person, from 8:30 am-3 pm Monday-Thursday, and from 8:30 am-12:05 pm on Friday. Skills developed include practical life, sensorial, phonetic awareness (language), handwriting acquisition, concentration, self-discipline, social graces, cultural awareness, concrete Math experiences, Literature appreciation, independence, reasoning and problem-solving, as well as establishing a Christian worldview. All students seeking enrollment into this program must be fully toilet trained prior to enrollment. All students will be expected to adhere to the established dress code. If seeking admission after the school year has begun, students will be asked to schedule an observation appointment in the classroom from 9-11 am. The teacher, in consultation with the principal, will determine if this environment will be able to properly serve the student. ($5250/annually) Start date: August 16, 2023
This program mirrors what most would consider the traditional school format. Students will experience all classes in person. This year, we will offer 4-day school (Monday-Thursday) for those who desire it. School will run from 830am-430pm each day. Full attendance on these days are required to omit Friday attendance. On Fridays, instruction will continue with some of our auxiliary and field trip experiences. Three programs (Yearbook, Robotics, and Sewing) will run club meetings after hours. An invitation will be extended to students who qualify. ($4750/annually) Start date: August 16, 2023
Online Instruction, Grades 1-8: Are you ready to learn in a highly-engaging, virtual classroom? This may be the program for you! Students will log-in Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursday to their learning platform from 850am-145 pm and experience learning with a caring, qualified instructor and multi-grade classmates. Tuesdays and Fridays require attendance in the building. The experiences and assessments of the students are based on the standards of the SDA system. These standards do align to state and national standards. Students will also engage in standardized testing, online, three times during the year. If needed, a Chromebook will be issued by the school to facilitate the experience. Each family will be required to submit an Online usage agreement, as well as sign a Device Protection Plan. Other materials such as books and general school supplies will be delivered via a SKYBOX, which will prepare the students to SOAR! Students seeking enrollment into this program may be subject to an enrollment placement test if coming from outside of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) education system. This test will be taken after an application is submitted. The results of the test, as well as the application, will be reviewed by the admissions committee. New students seeking enrollment that are coming from another SDA institution will need to have previous records shared with the school, as well as documentation that all financial obligations have been satisfied with the previous institution. A placement test may be administered if deemed necessary by the principal. The admissions committee will also make a determination regarding the application for enrollment. Enrollment will be allowed to continue as long as the students and supporting family members adhere to the policies and procedures as documented within the school handbook. Please Note: Students can choose between two different online schedules 1] Core Curriculum facilitation will be held each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday ($3000 annually) 2] Hybrdi: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays online; Tuesdays and Fridays Specials courses in-person. This program is priced the same as the in-person model ($4750 annually) Start Date: August 16, 2023
(Two Days in the Building): Meet us face-to-face in the building for laboratory and real world experiences. Students will engage in specialized instruction in our Art Studio, STEM lab, and Home Economics classroom and pantry. Additionally, students will participate in Music TIP (Theory, Instrumentation, and Performance), Foreign Language Instruction, and Technology and Media Design coursework. Reflection and Project-based assessment will be utilized throughout these auxiliary courses. Allow your student to climb to higher heights by enrolling them in this  robust program! Classes will run from 850am-430pm Tuesday & Friday.  All students enrolled in this program will be issued a Chromebook to use in the building, if needed. A signed Online Usage Agreement and Device Protection Plan is required for admission clearance. ($1750 annually) Start Date: August 18, 2023
Southwest Adventist Junior Academy is not equipped to meet the special needs of some students. Admission may not be permitted if it is determined that our school is unable to meet the requested need.