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Supply Lists

We want to ensure that all students have access to the materials that they need to be successful. SWAJA is happy to provide basic school supplies to all of its applicants via a SKYBOX. We believe that the institution of the SKYBOX will keep our Eagles soaring! The cost of these items have been rolled into your tuition and fees. Local students will have the opportunity to pick up their supplies on appointed days. Boxes will also be delivered under extenuating circumstances. Our out-of-area distance learners will have a SKYBOX delivered to you. 
We do ask that the following items be provided by each family:
Bible (New Living Translation)
Reusable Water Bottle
Strong, Reliable, Internet Connection
Our Specials courses heavily incorporate project-based learning. The projects may require each family to purchase items. Proper communication will be sent providing adequate timing for families to meet the need. The school will work with each family to ensure that all materials are obtained.