TEL: 214-948-1666 / FAX: 214-948-1125

Board Members

SWAJA School Board Members 2020-2022

Elected Members

Kathryn McNorton, Chairman
Ronald Thibodeaux, School Treasurer
Jewel Humphrey, City Temple Education Secretary
Carla Stewart, Home & School Leader
Nougen Grant, Building Development and Research Lead
Adrienne French McClain, Curriculum Advisor
Aleesha Smith, Community Relations Liaison
Andrea Patrice Jennings, Community Relations Liaison
Vacant, Finance Committee Chair
Vacant, Alumni Committee Chair

Ex-Officio Members

Senior Pastor of Dallas City Temple Church–Dr. Jaime Kowlessar
Associate Pastor of Dallas City Temple Church–Tyrone Douglas 
School Administrator–Kymberly P. Mayes, Board Secretary
Superintendent of Education- Buford Griffith, III